Do These Three Things Before You Buy IT Chargeback Software

In a recent ClearSale survey, 81% of customers surveyed said they would fill out a chargeback request out of sheer convenience. The idea that customers would initiate a chargeback rather than taking the steps necessary to contact the merchant is terrifying for most merchants because chargebacks are incredibly expensive. 

Not only do you lose the merchandise and the money, but you also face chargeback fines. More than that, though, you lose valuable time trying to deal with the chargeback. That’s time you could have spent on improving your product line, customer service, or your store as a whole. All of that makes software for chargebacks – a valuable IT solution to the problem – is in great demand today.

What is Chargeback Software?

Chargeback software is an IT option that helps you reduce the number of chargebacks you see and win the disputes that have already been filed against you. Different providers offer different options. Some focus on an alert network that allows you to see the moment a chargeback has been filed against you. Others, though, offer turnkey services allowing you not only to see when a charge has been filed, but also follow-up steps to help you win your case. 

The Best Chargeback Software  

Does this sound like the solution your business needs now? There are many that claim to be the best IT chargeback software on the market today, but few live up to that claim. As you try to evaluate what’s out there, be sure you consider the following aspects. 

  • Look for an IT solution that actually addresses your problem. Do you want something that just intercepts chargebacks or are you looking for a way to fight them? Make sure you know what you want out of a piece of software before you buy.
  • Look for one with robust data. You’re never going to get on top of your chargeback problem if you don’t get some data. Make sure your software solution identifies the source of the chargebacks so you know more about how to adjust your company policies. 
  • Look for one that saves you money. If it’s too expensive, you’re not really doing anything for your company, so make certain you understand whether a monthly service fee is involved or whether it will cost you on a case by case basis and whether that makes financial sense for your company. 

Chargebacks happen, but they don’t have to be so pervasive with solutions like chargeback software available today.  For information on how Y2Payments system works, give us a call today at 888-693-1850.

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