Y2Payments works with resellers who want to provide a robust payment platform to clients and your business network.

Referral Agent:
By becoming a referral agent, you will receive a percentage of the processing as long as the processing comes through. You will become a part of a business’s net revenue. Build a portfolio of existing merchants that will build a recurring revenue stream for you!

How To Get Started – Building Your Recurring Revenue Stream
Make a copy of prospective business’s current statement, send to Y2P and setup a conference call. The Y2P team will help to convert your prospects into sales via a webinar and/or sales call. It is that easy!

Your Recurring Revenue Stream
Each new customer you help us sign up will net you 25% of the net revenue

White label Partners
Y2Payments provides payment systems designed and operated by our business partners and designed to help merchants grow their business. Our payment system is extremely secure, customizable and delivers 99.97% technology uptime.

Want to Make a Higher Percentage of New Revenue?
Become a white label partner and you can receive up to 50% of net revenue

Features of our White Label Partner System:

Processor Interfaces – Our payment system is certified by all the top credit card processors. Plus, we convert paper checks to electronic to accelerate the flow of money into your account. Our Processor Interface allows you to work seamlessly with your front and back-end processors.

Customization – Each payment system that Y2Pay develops can be customized to your company branding. Customization includes:

  • Website Colors & Graphics
  • Applications
  • Company Communications
  • Collateral materials

In addition to our best-in-class vertical partners, we engage a nationwide network of Referral Agents and local resellers who can take advantage of one of several Partner Portals.  Some of the many helpful tools include:

  • Merchant Provisioning
  • Downloads
  • Lead Tracking
  • Sales Materials
  • Documentation
  • Training Videos

Leads Programs – Qualified reseller partners have the opportunity to receive leads from merchant inquires. Y2Pay’s Partner Portal has a lead tracking system, or you can manage the leads on your own with SalesForce.com.

Merchant Conversion Program – We have developed special programs to help resellers with seamless transitions to Y2Payments.

3rd Party Support – Resellers have the ability to sell a number of 3rd party apps such as website developers who build e-commerce sites that drive sales. Y2Payments accepts no compensation from 3rd party developers we look to drive more top-line sales for our merchants which results in more payments we can process.

Support – Y2Pay offers free, unlimited support. Additionally there are regular web-based training sessions for the latest products & features. Each reseller is assigned an account executive to help you achieve your goals.

Contact Y2Payments today to learn how we can help provide you with a superior payment system. Call us at 888-693-1850.