Your Best Options for Chargeback Protection

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Chargebacks can cost your business thousands of dollars. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, chargebacks are any transactions that are disputed by the cardholder, and they can seriously affect your numbers. You not only have to deal with the refund itself, but you may also be charged by your processor. That makes finding the right chargeback software a must for your business.

What is Chargeback Software?

For many businesses, the best way to prevent the problem of chargebacks is to manage it with a software solution. Software for chargebacks comes in many different forms and with lots of different features, but all of them are designed to help you track chargebacks and give you the data you need to deal with them before they become a problem for your business.

What is the Best Chargeback Software?

The best software option will be the one that’s right for your business. Typically, you can choose from those that fully manage the process or those that target the various aspects of the process like offering you alerts and data surrounding a chargeback.

Usually, you have three major choices. You can choose one that is a subscription-based model. It’s ideal for small businesses who aren’t quite ready to go with the expense of a fully managed option but want some of the features involved. The next option is a fully managed service that literally outsources chargeback problems to another business. This is a great idea if you’re not quite sure how to handle them. Some companies also offer a hybrid model that allows you to fully manage pieces of the process.

No matter what you choose, the best chargeback software is going to be a solution that’s perfect for the needs of your business. Let us help guide you through the process and find the right solution to meet your needs! Contact Y2Payments at 888-693-1850 to learn more about chargeback software for your company.

And the Best Credit Card Processing Service Is . . .

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Most businesses have to accept both credit and debit cards today – it’s the most convenient way for customers to pay. If you don’t have the technology in place, you’re likely losing customers. That leads many to shop for the right credit card processing service, but what is that? Is there a list somewhere that will tell you who to hire?  

And the Credit Card Processing Service For You Is . . .

So, ready for that name? It’s not here. That’s because credit card processing companies vary widely because credit card processing is different for every single business. High risk businesses like those that involve gambling often need a very different service than a simple Mom and Pop gift shop in a tourist town. So, without the name of the service to choose, what do you do? Some research would help. As you shop around, make certain you’re looking for services that provide:

*Low Fees: Fees abound when it comes to any credit card processing service, and you want to make sure the fees meet your needs. Look carefully at how your customers pay and think about whether you want to rent or buy equipment. Ask about the interchange plus fee (the cost of each transaction), and don’t forget to find out if there are minimum processing amounts you must meet.

*Added Support: Most businesses want a 24/7 support hotline as opposed to a digital library of content you can find to simply fix the problem on your own. Some DIYers, though, would rather not pay for those added support hotlines, so figure out exactly what level of help you might need every step of the way from the initial set up to the day to day running of your business.

*Fraud Protection: PCI compliance is required from all card processors. Other protections, though, like encryption and tokenization simply aren’t. Find out what each processor is doing to help protect your business and your customers before you sign a contract.

*Perfect Contract Terms: Some companies will work with you on a month to month basis. Others want you to sign up for a year or more. There’s no right answer on this one but understanding what those terms look like on paper is nothing short of a must.

Get quotes from several credit card processing services before you choose the right one to meet your needs, then don’t be afraid to shop around continually until you find a service you truly love.

In Processing, What’s the Real Difference Between Credit and Debit Cards?

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Your customers are likely to use both credit and debit cards when they make a purchase from you, and while these two payment vehicles look like the same thing, they’re actually quite different when it comes to processing. For the customer, the biggest difference is simply the source of funds. Credit cards are borrowed money while debit cards take money directly from an account to pay the merchant. For stores like yours, though, the difference runs much deeper.

Where They’re Processed

The difference between payment process solutions for both cards begins from the moment the customer presses credit or debit on the PIN pad. If they choose to press credit, it will be processed through a credit card network, like Visa or MasterCard. The details go through your payment processor to the network, then on to the issuer to get the signal of acceptance. Then the decision backtracks to your point of sale. Credit card processing sounds complex, but it happens in just a few moments.

Debit card processing, though, requires a PIN to complete the transaction. Once that is entered, it moves through an entirely different network. Star and Interlink are two of the biggest. Then approval is given or denied, and the decision works its way back to you.

The Cost

The physical space in which these two cards are processed isn’t the only big difference. The fees can vary, too. You pay an interchange fee on every debit or credit card transaction you handle. The fee, though, can vary by the type of card. If you’re running a card not present transaction, you’re likely to pay the same fee for either a credit or a debit card. If you’re handling an in-person sale, though, the interchange fees on debit cards are often less than they are on credit cards.

No matter what type of card your customers are using, understanding how the process works is key to getting you the rates and perks you deserve from your processing equipment.

Contact Y2Payments today at 888-693-1850 to learn how we can help provide you with a superior payment system.

3 Reasons White Label Credit Card Processing Is Right For Your Business

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If you’re looking to expand your revenue stream, one option you may have considered is branded credit card processing. Credit card processing is a great way to expand your services to customers, and it comes with some real benefits for your business. Not all credit card processing is created equally, though.

If you work with a payment processor who provides white-label credit card processing services, your name goes on every piece of the credit card puzzle, which means some seriously good things for your company. When your customers log in to see where their sales numbers are, your name is going to be on that website. When they get their statements in the mail, it’s going to be your name once more. Sound like a good opportunity? It is. Here are the top three reasons you may want to consider it.

1. Satisfies The Needs of Your Customers: Customers are often looking for turnkey services. It simplifies things for them and adding credit card processing to your services could help you become a more attractive option to your customers. After all, who doesn’t want to work with five companies when they could just work with one?

2. Adds One More Revenue Source: The best white label credit card processing companies mean a serious revenue source for your company. After all, you’re not just looking to meet the needs of your customers. Instead, you’re looking for a way to expand your business, and this can help you do it. With every single swipe, your customers are adding to your bank account, which means a great stream of passive income for your company.

3. Promotes Brand Recognition: Maybe the biggest benefit to this income source, though, is the fact that it furthers brand recognition, something every company should consider. After all, you may not notice a credit card processing service until its name is everywhere, and if that name is your own, you’re going to get more customers, more traffic, and more sales, which could spell great things for your company’s expansion.

Ready to learn more about white label credit card processing services and how they can benefit your company? Contact Y2Payments today at 888-693-1850.

Check Out Our Payment Gateway Reseller Program

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For many business owners, growth and expansion top the list of their goals on a regular basis. Unfortunately, that prospect can be terrifying in some economic cycles. One way to make certain your expanding in a profitable direction, though, is to add new services to your mix that will ensure customers come to you again and again. The goal is to offer services that both attract your existing customers to come back for more and attract new customers. For many today, finding a good payment gateway resellers program is that new service.

What Is It?

Merchants today need to be able to accept a variety of different forms of payment, including credit cards. In order to do that, however, they need a payment gateway. Imagine a customer presents a credit card to a merchant. The first step is to use a payment gateway from a credit card processor to enter the customer’s card. Then that information goes on to the credit card network for authorization. The credit card network gives a thumbs up (or a thumbs down) to the credit card processor, then the authorization moves forward. Several people get paid in this equation. The credit card company, naturally, but the processor, too, gets part of the profits. That’s where you come in. If you become a payment gateway reseller, you’ll market an existing processor’s technology to your customers. When they swipe that credit card from a customer, you get a piece of the action for every single swipe.

The Benefits of a Payment Gateway Reseller Program

If you were to add new services to your marketing mix, what might be the first step? Marketing research, right? You want to make certain this is a venture that will prove profitable to you in the long run. With a bit of market research, you’ll quickly realize that joining a payment gateway reseller program is more profitable than you might imagine. In fact, there are a number of different benefits to your company, and increased profits is just one.

  • Worldwide Client Base: Many new services are limited by physical location. Payment gateways, though, are not. Depending on the parent company with which you work, you could be doing business across the globe, as many accept international payments and work with mobile banking so whether you’re doing business in London or Hong Kong, you’re going to find success at a much higher level, something not all service expansions can achieve.
  • Residual Income: Once you build your payment gateway network, you’re going to continue to see this investment pay off. Your customers will be busy with their business, and because they stay busy, your income stream will continue. The money you earn from your residuals will be paid directly to your bank account, allowing you to have the cash flow necessary to continually expand your business.
  • Added Brand Recognition: You’re looking for a great way to ensure customers know your company. Becoming a payment gateway reseller, particularly when you work with a company that offers white-label credit card processing services to their partners, means you have that opportunity again and again. The bottom line for any company is to ensure their brand stands out from the crowd, and you want them to think about you when they’re looking for great services. Adding a payment gateway can help you do just that. It means businesses will turn to you for all of their needs instead of another brand, and that can mean a much stronger relationship with your base.
  • Tested Technology and Support in One Package: Perhaps the scariest aspect of expanding your services is having the technology developed to meet your needs. Becoming a payment gateway reseller, though, doesn’t come with that fear. The payment gateway with which you partner has already developed and thoroughly tested their technology, eliminating one worry from your plate. What’s more, though, is that the best reseller programs come with an extensive level of support, which should help you rest assured this is the perfect way to move forward.

Ready to get started? Y2Payments works with resellers who are looking for a robust payment platform solution that they can market to their clients. To learn more, contact us today at 888-693-1850.

Can Chargeback Software Actually Help My Business?


The last thing you want is to have more fees you have to pay out of your profits every single month, but for merchants who experience continual chargebacks, that’s exactly what happens. Chargebacks can be frustrating for business owners. They’re incredibly costly, and they come with some pretty serious negative consequences. Companies looking to offset the potential damage from chargebacks turn to a number of solutions, including chargeback software, but is it really worth it? The short answer is absolutely.

What is Chargeback Software?

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, software for chargebacks is a way to help you identify the process in its earliest stages. It helps to give you an upper hand. With the best IT chargeback software, you’ll find immediate notification that a chargeback is occurring. Then the software goes on to handle the entire process for you, helping to free you up to run your business.

The Benefits

So, why is a simple piece of software so valuable for your company? Maybe because the rate of friendly fraud is increasing enormously. In fact, many studies have found that 86% of all chargebacks involve friendly fraud. Some studies have even found that 81% of customers will initiate a chargeback because it’s more convenient for them than any other process.

The benefits of software like this are enormous. It means you no longer have to worry about your cash flow. You can begin to see what chargebacks are costing your company in clear terms, which may help you develop a plan for preventing chargebacks in the first place. What’s more, though, is that if they happen, you’ll have the immediate response of the software on your side to help you deal with them the instant they’re initiating, help you stop the problem before it becomes a serious issue for your company.

If you’re looking for the best chargeback software, look no further than Y2Payments. We can help you stop chargebacks before they start. To learn more, contact us today.

Chargeback Insurance: Is it Worth It?

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Credit chargebacks – as a business, they can sure ruin your financials in a hurry. Avoiding chargebacks for some companies means purchasing chargeback insurance, but is it really the right way forward for your organization?

What is Chargeback Insurance?

 Chargeback insurance works like most other insurance policies. You pay a premium to a company who covers the costs should a customer involve you in a chargeback dispute. Unfortunately, the simple explanation here only covers some chargeback insurance policies. There are many others out there that don’t always cover you when you need it. In those scenarios, knowing the answer to the question “What does chargeback insurance” do is key because you could have been paying a premium for years when you end up with a pricey chargeback that isn’t covered.

Chargeback insurance typically does not cover friendly fraud, one of the leading causes of chargebacks. This happens when a customer claims the item delivered doesn’t match the description or purchases that weren’t delivered. It also doesn’t usually cover chargebacks that exceed their defined limits or even those that involve digital goods like webinars and downloads.

Is Chargeback Insurance Worth It?

Chargeback insurance can be a huge help in many situations for many companies. The reality is that it’s not enough to be the only tool in your toolbox, though. Because it has so many limitations, you may still face chargeback problems if you aren’t staying on top of things. Dealing with customer service concerns promptly and understanding what the warning signs of fraud might be are key to preventing chargebacks. Better contracts with customers and good record keeping are also both important. Even chargeback management software may help if you have a problem, as it helps you fight back when you have a case.

Chargebacks are a problem for all kinds of merchants today, but chargeback insurance may be one way to help you prevent any issues for your company.

Learn more about how Y2Payments handles chargebacks by contacting us today at 888-693-1850.