“We converted to Y2Payment Systems in May. We have changed merchant accounts in the past — it was always a pain in the tuckus! Not this time. The Y2Payment Systems team was with us all the way; they made the transition easy, painless, and profitable!”

“Entering payments with the Conduit is so easy! Scheduling payment plan transactions for automatic execution is a breeze, too. Total processing time has been cut in half. Reporting is great and easy to run.”

“We are amazed by our merchant account savings — everything were told that would happen actually did — in spades — we pocketed over $5,000.00 savings our first month! Thanks, Y2Pay.”
California Law Firm

“Y2Payments lowered my transaction costs on credits cards dramatically — just as they promised! Y2Pay’s training on the front-end Conduit plus the Virtual Terminal back-end streamlined my operations. They actually had my account approved and operational within 48 hours — WOW!”
Chicago Law Firm

“I have been working with Ron Viemont of Y2Payment Systems with complete satisfaction for over three years. Ron has personally trained our staff and is always available without notice to help our people with any type of situation or request. He runs the business with hands on first class customer service. Ron saved us over $19,000 in processing costs annually — that’s almost $60,000 extra in our pockets since we began using Y2Pay.”
 Scottsdale Insurance Company

“The Y2Payments Universal Gateway Conduit is very easy to use. The Payment Plan feature makes running recurring payments very simple. Not only that, Y2Pay has saved us more than 50% on our processing costs! Thank you Y2Payments and Ed Reiner for what you’ve done for us.”
Colorado Law Firm

“Y2Payments substantially reduced our processing fees just as they predicted. Plus, they’ve helped us maximize our operating efficiency by training us on all components of the Conduit. The combination of 21st century technology combined with excellent customer service, support, and training went far beyond what we expected.”
New York Law Firm

“We converted to Y2Payments Gateway in July. We are very pleased! Assistance in setting up the Conduit and the back-end gateway with its customized fields suits our specific needs to a tee! Best of all, it was done with ease.

Y2Payments has provided tremendous customer service and support. Whenever we call, we immediately connect to a real, live person and get helped on-the-spot!”
Michigan Law Firm

“We experienced a substantial reduction in our merchant fees exactly as we were told by Y2Payments. Plus, we maximized operational efficiency, record keeping, and cash management functions with their help setting up the Conduit and Virtual Terminal 3. That combination of Internet technologies and Y2Pay excellent customer support went way beyond what we expected.”