The powerful Y2Payments Chargeback system is designed to sit behind a collection management software and MMI payment gateway. Takes collections out in a batch format, converts collections software format to payment gateway, converts it and sends it back to the collections software.

How Y2 Chargeback System Works

  • We intercept consumer disputes before they turn into chargeback
  • You can receive real-time notifications to help prevent all claims before they turn into a chargeback.
  • Our alert network brings you the most powerful, comprehensive alert system in the industry that cover a combination of our own proprietary system and third-party providers.

Even if a chargeback makes it through to you, we will automatically notify you and help guide you through the chargeback process.

All Payment Channels in One System with Fraud & Chargeback Protection

Did you Know a High Percentage of Chargebacks are Reversible?

The Y2P Conduit portal includes an automated system that properly responds to chargeback request (in real-time).

A card issuing bank can easily make a wrong decision when it comes to chargebacks…by working with Y2P, a high percentage of your chargebacks can be reversible.

Returned checks are easily accounted for but if payments are made by credit card, anytime between the date of processing and up to 6 months later, a chargeback can be initiated. If this happens, you have to go back and defend the validity of the charge. Using the exclusive Y2Pay chargeback protection solution can automate the process for you.

Here is Why Chargebacks Get Challenging:

Chargebacks are initiated by the card issuing bank who routinely reverses the charge (no questions asked) and the acquiring bank debits the merchant’s bank account (without advance warning).

With Y2P Conduit, chargebacks can be discovered as they happen (in real-time) and steps initiated immediately to avoid a chargeback.

Our technology becomes your technology to improve the customer experience and to make sure that good customers stay with you with the lease amount of inconvenience.

Our commitment to you is to:

  • Help stop online fraud
  • Help you become a highly rated merchant with the lowest false positive rates in the industry!

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