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Merchant Accounts (Cost+ Pricing)

Superior, high speed, secure payment processing system without bundled or tiered rate structures tailored to your business needs. We work with all online business types. Any entity that takes credit card and/or pay by phone.


No Risk Statement Review & Audit

Y2Payments can simply review one of your statements and detail out all the fees you are currently charged for and where you will save money – today.



We work with resellers and white label partners of our world class payment gateway products.





  • “Easy to get started! Y2P handles all technical stuff, including gateway integration.”
  • “Zero implementation expense. Recurring billing is a breeze to setup and every option imaginable is in the payment plan module.”
  • “We converted to Y2Payment Systems in May. We have changed merchant accounts in the past — it was always a pain in the tuckus! Not this time. The Y2Payment Systems team was with us all the way; they made the transition easy, painless, and profitable”
  • “The Interchange Pass Through saved me a boat load of money.”
  • “Love having one consolidated report. This is a huge time saver and it even shows our various customer relationships, tailored to our organizational structure”

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