Our past performance history (for over 30 year) shows we can reduce your Merchant account processing costs by 20-40% (on average)…and as high as a 50% savings with some merchant accounts, especially Pay by Phone or eCommerce business! And…
  • We automate chargebacks to minimize lost sales
  • Revenue recoveries are enhanced dramatically (large numbers of alleged credit card fraud claims are prevented)
  • We provide larger volume merchants with more than 1 processor to make sure you are never down

If You Are in One of these Markets…Let Us Share Our Expertise with YOU!

  • Collection Agencies or other high risk merchants
  • Law firms in Collection Business (or any law firm)
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • MLM, Travel & Leisure, Nutraceuticals
  • International Sales Organizations (international processor) – Process transaction in Philippines Pesos and settle in Euros or accept US Dollar and settle in cryptocurrency
  • State and local Government jurisdictions
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Local School Districts where users pay separate processing and handling fee – they receive 100% on the dollar – free payment system

* Y2Pay provides merchants with high speed and secure payment systems. Each of the payment systems is customizable for the processing of transactions for merchants in North America. We only use PCI DSS compliant processors. These processors provide the most popular payment acceptance, disbursement, and anti-fraud options into a payment system that can be tailored to your unique business needs.

Y2Pay does not offer bundled or tiered rate structures. Mid and non-qualified rates bumps are eliminated to slash your overall merchant costs!

Contact Y2Payments today to learn how we can help provide you with a superior merchant account system. Call us at 888-693-1850.

Built-in Redundancy for Backup Merchant Processors
We have more than one merchant acquirer for the larger agencies we work with.

Why is a backup merchant processor needed?
If company X withdraws from your industry, a backup processor is needed to avoid  losing days of precious cash flow. Y2P’s patented load balancing feature (built into Y2P Conduit) is where all processing is done in one integrated solutions.