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y2payments gateway reseller program

For many business owners, growth and expansion top the list of their goals on a regular basis. Unfortunately, that prospect can be terrifying in some economic cycles. One way to make certain your expanding in a profitable direction, though, is to add new services to your mix that will ensure customers come to you again and again. The goal is to offer services that both attract your existing customers to come back for more and attract new customers. For many today, finding a good payment gateway resellers program is that new service.

What Is It?

Merchants today need to be able to accept a variety of different forms of payment, including credit cards. In order to do that, however, they need a payment gateway. Imagine a customer presents a credit card to a merchant. The first step is to use a payment gateway from a credit card processor to enter the customer’s card. Then that information goes on to the credit card network for authorization. The credit card network gives a thumbs up (or a thumbs down) to the credit card processor, then the authorization moves forward. Several people get paid in this equation. The credit card company, naturally, but the processor, too, gets part of the profits. That’s where you come in. If you become a payment gateway reseller, you’ll market an existing processor’s technology to your customers. When they swipe that credit card from a customer, you get a piece of the action for every single swipe.

The Benefits of a Payment Gateway Reseller Program

If you were to add new services to your marketing mix, what might be the first step? Marketing research, right? You want to make certain this is a venture that will prove profitable to you in the long run. With a bit of market research, you’ll quickly realize that joining a payment gateway reseller program is more profitable than you might imagine. In fact, there are a number of different benefits to your company, and increased profits is just one.

  • Worldwide Client Base: Many new services are limited by physical location. Payment gateways, though, are not. Depending on the parent company with which you work, you could be doing business across the globe, as many accept international payments and work with mobile banking so whether you’re doing business in London or Hong Kong, you’re going to find success at a much higher level, something not all service expansions can achieve.
  • Residual Income: Once you build your payment gateway network, you’re going to continue to see this investment pay off. Your customers will be busy with their business, and because they stay busy, your income stream will continue. The money you earn from your residuals will be paid directly to your bank account, allowing you to have the cash flow necessary to continually expand your business.
  • Added Brand Recognition: You’re looking for a great way to ensure customers know your company. Becoming a payment gateway reseller, particularly when you work with a company that offers white-label credit card processing services to their partners, means you have that opportunity again and again. The bottom line for any company is to ensure their brand stands out from the crowd, and you want them to think about you when they’re looking for great services. Adding a payment gateway can help you do just that. It means businesses will turn to you for all of their needs instead of another brand, and that can mean a much stronger relationship with your base.
  • Tested Technology and Support in One Package: Perhaps the scariest aspect of expanding your services is having the technology developed to meet your needs. Becoming a payment gateway reseller, though, doesn’t come with that fear. The payment gateway with which you partner has already developed and thoroughly tested their technology, eliminating one worry from your plate. What’s more, though, is that the best reseller programs come with an extensive level of support, which should help you rest assured this is the perfect way to move forward.

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