The Popularity of Bitcoin Payments is on the Rise


Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash and other cryptocurrencies are set to completely change the method of online payment. Businesses that fail to accommodate this trend will take a big risk in losing a significant portion of their customer base.

At the same time, it can be difficult to wrap your head around cryptocurrency, blockchain, and other technologies that are re-shaping the world of online payment. What is bitcoin payment, where did the rise of cryptocurrency come from, and how do you find a reliable bitcoin payment processor? Let’s take each part of that question a step at a time.

What is Bitcoin Payment?

Bitcoin is what’s known as a cryptocurrency. These are currencies that exist digitally. There’s no physical currency that you put in a wallet. Transactions are simply recorded digitally in what’s known as a blockchain. The cryptocurrency does have worth. Because it’s such a new technology and rules of the market are volatile (and often easily manipulated), many cryptocurrencies can be invented, spike in value, and crash down to nothing in the space of weeks or even days.

More established cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are safer than ones that don’t have a history of reliability and stability.

Rise of Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology means cryptocurrency has accountability, but there’s no single institution that controls it. There’s no bank that manages it. It’s popular because it’s decentralized, it’s easy to set up, bitcoin payment transactions are transparent but accounts can stay anonymous, and transaction fees are small. It’s viewed as more agile than traditional currency, and a hedge against certain currencies that may depreciate.

How to Find a Bitcoin Payment Processor?

Many payment processors will be willing to deal in bitcoin and certain other cryptocurrencies. They won’t, however, all have the expertise to do so.

A reliable bitcoin payment processor should be able to explain bitcoin payment in a way you understand. They should be able to tell you which cryptocurrencies they accept, which they don’t, and why. This shows you how they’re judging which are established and stable, and which aren’t. They should have a plan for reporting the bitcoin payment segment of your transactions in a way you can analyze. This all shows that they don’t just provide the capability, but they also provide reporting, client service, and knowledge. That’s how you find a reliable bitcoin payment processor.

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Learning About Cryptocurrencies And How They Work

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If you’ve done any reading in the last few months, you’ve probably heard the word cryptocurrency mentioned at least once or twice. If you are unfamiliar with its meaning, you’re not alone. The concept of cryptocurrencies is a completely new, especially for business owners, and understanding how to use it to your company’s advantage can be complex.

What Is It?
Cryptocurrency is another word for digital currency. The idea here is that a digital currency is issued, yet regulated by various encryption techniques to control the generation of units and verify the transfer of funds. They are completely independent of any centralized bank. The value isn’t set in stone. In fact, values have varied considerably over the last few months.

How Does it Work Within Your Business?
Many companies are beginning to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, and there are several good reasons to consider it. Cryptocurrencies process quite quickly. Thanks to the fact that there are no banks slowing the payment process, your funds will be available almost instantly.

Moreover, it’s a currency that works worldwide, which makes it easy to do business in other countries. It’s also a good way to avoid fraud and chargebacks. The system verifies funds, which means you can’t spend more than you own. Accepting cryptocurrencies may also mean you acquire new customers because so many people are embracing this idea.

If you’re worried about legalities, don’t be. It’s not backed by the government because it only exists in the digital world. You can accept it just as you would any other method of payment.

If you plan to accept cryptocurrency, the first thing you need to do is to begin working with a payment processor that is familiar with this type of currency. Y2Payments has been working with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and other cryptocurrencies since they came into the market. We’ll help you learn more about what needs to be done to help your customers understand how to pay with this type of currency.