Watch Trends in Online Payment Processing

The world of online payment services has changed rapidly. Many of these changes could be seen coming years back. Others seem to take hold at surprising speed. What are the biggest online payment processing trends that can be seen taking shape today?

Methods of Payment

Credit cards are still popular in the realm of online shopping, but they no longer dominate the field. They account for 42 percent of online shopping payments. Electronic payments are just behind at 39 percent. The remainder is taken up by debit cards, but you can see just how much electronic payments have narrowed the gap with credit cards.

Third Parties

Younger shoppers continue to support third parties. They have more knowledge about how to protect their bank account information in online payment services settings. This makes them better equipped to identify safe ways of doing this, which makes them more flexible and more intelligent spenders online than older generations.

Interchange Pass Through

 Interchange pass through pricing has clearly become the most transparent form of credit card processing pricing. Interchange pass through allows the actual processing cost to be passed directly to your business.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

You’ll continue to see cryptocurrency normalized as a form of payment. Be careful with how and when you accept these forms of payment. Cryptocurrency values are extremely volatile and represent a high risk. Many online payment systems will still decline their use, but cryptocurrencies will only continue to expand into the realm of online payment methods.

When new technologies enable new approaches to online payment systems and online payment methods, they really do take hold fast. Expect blockchain technology, the digital ledger in which cryptocurrency exchanges are recorded, to reshape much of the field in the next five years. It’s estimated it will reduce the cost of accounting reconciliation up to 70 percent in that time.

There are a number of online payment processing trends that you’ll see coming. You also need the flexibility to adapt quickly to the ones you don’t see coming. Ensure that you trust reliable online payment systems that offer interchange pass through, accountability, and provide thorough service.

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