What are Credit Card Surcharges

Credit card surcharges involve the addition of a small fee added to a transaction. They’re added to cover the cost of processing a credit card transaction. This is why businesses often have a minimum purchase amount if you intend to pay with a credit card. Credit card surcharges are often unfair to the consumer, and surcharge models are always unfair to businesses.

Surcharge Structures Overwhelm and Confuse

Credit card surcharges are often modeled to unfairly qualify some businesses with high processing rates and fees. This means they either have to absorb these fees or punish their customers with higher costs – which can lose customers. There are hidden fees, tiered pricing systems, and other elements that can make it confusing to understand just what your business is signing up for.

Many of these cost elements have a legitimate foundation, a reason for existing. As they become overwhelming, many are in there simply to make businesses throw their hands in the air and figure this is the best surcharge situation they’re going to be able to get.

Many Businesses Need an Alternative

You can choose a more modern alternative. Credit card surcharges subscribe to a model of end-point sales that hasn’t really caught up with today’s market of online sellers, referral services, small-cost marketplaces, or even the business-to-business economy as it’s evolved. Because of this, surcharges and fees can grow to high-risk territory for businesses that just aren’t high-risk.

If your business sells a low volume, you shouldn’t be punished so that you make even less from it. If you rely on high-cost sales, you shouldn’t have a chunk of that taken out. Neither should you have to pass costs on to customers that risks them going elsewhere. The old surcharge model has not adapted quickly enough to the way the world works today. It’s fallen behind for too many who are working too hard.

Interchange Plus Pricing

Interchange plus pricing is a more reliable and predictable model for many who fall into these categories, or who just don’t find credit card surcharging fair. You know your fees up front. There are no hidden fees or added rates. There’s no three-tier structure for punishing hard-working businesses. It’s simple, easy to implement and engage with, and it’s client-oriented.

You have options beyond simply signing up with the least damaging processor. It’s worth it to investigate what else is out there. Contact Y2Payments today at 888-693-1850 for a free no risk statement review & audit!

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